Alternative sources - a requirement of our time

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Who We are and What We Offer

     Our group company Infinity Energy Group since 2013 is engaged in the development and implementation of investment projects related to alternative energy. We work in the following areas: construction of solar power plants, the construction of hydropower plants, boiler conversion to alternative gas fuel - energy; project development and construction of hydroelectric SES; construction of solar power plants "turnkey". Currently we have ready projects to build solar power plants in Kirovohrad and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. Our company has been successful to attract investment in alternative energy projects in Ukraine.
     We consider various options for cooperation - from the sale of the finished project to the joint implementation (construction) on acceptable terms.

      The advantages of solar energy include reducibility of energy, quiet, no harmful emissions during processing of solar radiation into other forms of energy.

    Alternative energy sources - renewable energy sources, which include solar, wind, geothermal, wave energy and tidal, hydropower, biomass, gas from organic waste, gas, sewage treatment plants, biogas and secondary energy resources, which include blast furnace and coke gases, methane gas drainage from coal deposits, converting waste energy potential processes.

Our benefits

With home solar power "green tariff"

We develop high-performance home and mount solar power plant with appropriate documentation for "green tariff".


How to understand a large number of producers and make the right choice when buying solar panels?


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SOLARTEC since 1993

PV Projects and turnkey realization (EPC); Consulting services; Service, Monitoring and Diagnostics of PVPP; Custom PV production.


JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd is a world leading manufacturer of high-performance solar power products that convert sunlight into electricity, for residential, commercial and utility-scale power generation.


A passion for new technologies, intensive research and revolutionary solutions have been shaping the Fronius brand since 1945.