Construction project for a solar power station with a capacity of 20 MW - MULTI-SOLAR-HORODENKA

Construction project for a solar power plant with a capacity of 20 MW.

Project readiness: 50 hectares of land with intended purpose - for placement, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings and facilities of power generating enterprises, institutions and organizations (solar power station (extract from the state register of real rights to real estate on registration of rights and their encumbrances) ), the technical conditions for connecting to the general network are firstly produced.
  The project is owned by Multi-Solar-Horodenka Limited Liability Company.

Electric capacity   19 900 kWh
Region                                                    Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine
The land area of   50 га
The planned number of employees   10 people
The annual revenue of   3 300 350 EURO
Return   25,11 %
Payback                                                  4 years
Reducing emissions   20 280 тон СО2 в рік

Presentation of the solar power plant project (in English).

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