Infinity Energy Group of Companies offers its services in different areas of alternative energy.

In particular it:

1) ready projects for the construction of a solar power plant;

2) the construction of the "power-driven" power plants;

3) investing in solar energy, joint implementation of projects;

4) installation of solar power stations for households;

5) ready projects for the construction of wind power plants;

6) projects for the construction of micro, mini- and small hydroelectric power stations;

7) production and sale of heat energy - conversion of boilers to alternate gas fuel.

8) street lighting;

9) gardening projects;

10) projects of the meat and meat processing industry.

      Ukraine today is one of the most promising countries for the development of renewable energy in Europe. Artificial slowdown of this trend to date and the introduction of the European experience of alternative energy puts Ukraine attractive for investment in the sector. "Green tariff" in Ukraine is valid from 2010 to 2030, and in some European countries it has completed its action. If you take the solar energy - solar radiation: "The worst point of Ukraine - is the best spot for Germany. But Germany is a leader in solar energy in Europe. " Alternative, including solar, energy grows in Ukraine, experts estimate investment in the construction of solar plants next 3-5 years could reach $ 5 billion. To attract investors, the government is buying alternative energy producer in the green tariff and sells electricity to customers as usual. Today invest in solar plant in Ukraine profitable, Austrian experts believe. "Invested money - once you see it here, and equipment. You can touch. A green tariff guaranteed by the state - and it's safe, "- says the executive director of an international group of companies, Johann Harter. Solar station - also benefits the environment. Thanks to the atmosphere each year does not reach 105 thousand tons of carbon dioxide - is the same as the annual emissions of 6,000 cars. Beneficial not only powerful, but also a small house plant.

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